Agent Spotlight: Meet Lisa

We are officially back in action on the blog! For our latest agent spotlight, we thought we’d feature Lisa Horstman, one of the newest members of LSI. We hope you enjoy getting to know her just as much as we enjoy having her as part of the LSI family.

Tell us a little about yourself, your family, and any hobbies outside of insurance.

LH: I have been married to Terry (Fuzz) for 25 years.  Together we have 3 children, Stephanie age 21, Alena age 19, and Trevor age 15. I enjoy spending time with my family and attending their many sporting activities. They keep me busy cheering them on at soccer, softball, bowling and track.

How did you get started in insurance and what lines do you handle?

LH: I graduated from International Business College on a Friday and started my first insurance job on a Monday. I’ve been in insurance for 28 years now, mainly working with personal lines.

What do you like most about working in the insurance field?

LH: I enjoy finding the customers the best coverage for the best price. I can understand the struggle of affordable insurance, as I have young drivers in the household.

What has been one of your favorite parts about working at LSI so far?

LH: I experienced my first golf outing in September while working here. I was nervous about trying something new, but the LSI family sang me Happy Birthday before heading out to the course. It turns out you can teach an “old dog” new tricks! I had a great time and am looking forward to next year’s golf outing.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 10.31.03 AM.png

Thanks for all you do for us, Lisa! You rock!


Long Time No See

Hello? Anyone still out there? Sorry for the incredibly long radio silence on our end. We hope our readers are still with us! Just a quick post to let you know that we are still here and in the process of putting together lots of upcoming posts on all things insurance. We also have some staff spotlights that were sorely neglected…we have a few new members (and some long-time LSI staff that have yet to be featured) that we’d love for you to get to know better 🙂

Stay tuned! We promise we will be back in action soon.

Agent Spotlight: Meet Luke

For our sixth agent spotlight, we decided to feature Luke Lichtensteiger, our farm insurance agent, farmer, and pretty much all around farm extraordinaire! We hope you enjoy getting to know Luke just as much as we enjoy having him on our team. Thanks for all you contribute to LSI (including the laughs), Luke. You rock! 🙂

AC: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, and any hobbies outside of farming and insurance. 

LL: I have been married to my wife Kristin for 7 years since June of 2009. Together Kristin and I have three kids: Tate, who is 5, Mila who is 4, and Jep who is one and half. We also have a little boy along the way, due in November. Aside from farming and insurance, I enjoy playing with my kids and hanging out with my entire family. I also like to play golf and volleyball when I have a free moment, as well as watching football.

AC: How did you get started in working with insurance and farming? Did one sort of lead you to another?   

LL: I graduated from Saint Francis in 2009, where I received a degree in business administration with a concentration in finance. When I came back home, I was planning on farming as my full-time job. However, my grandpa came up to me and asked if I was going to be looking for another full-time job. I took that as my cue to consider a second job. It really was not until he said that, that I began looking for something alongside farming.

My family and I grew up next to the Myers’, and one night in 2009, Kristin and I were taking a walk down the road when we passed Randy and Betty. He actually asked me on the spot if I would be interested in working for LSI, and the rest is history. The funny part is I had just spent the entire day sending my resume to many of the banks around town, hoping to work with finance and agriculture credit. It’s crazy how everything worked out from that walk. I’ve been here ever since.

AC: How do you think being a farmer has benefited you in selling farm insurance to your clients?

LL: As a farmer, I  get to see first-hand the changes of new equipment, technology, and techniques, which in turn helps me better relate to my clients who are doing the very same thing. Because of that, I can take my experience as a farmer and help my clients find and understand the coverage that works best for their particular property.

AC: What do you like most about the Van Wert surrounding area and communities? 

LL: I love that no matter where you go in the county, people know you and are always open and willing to talk to you. It’s a welcoming environment and a great place to raise a family.

AC: Any fun fact about yourself that people usually don’t know? 

LL: I have my State FFA degree, which is something a lot of people may not know about me.

AC: Why do you love working at LSI? Any favorite aspect about working with insurance? 

LL: My favorite part about this job is working with the many farmers, and getting to hear the different ways they manage and run their farms. As far as working at LSI, I love the many friendships I have developed over the years of working here, and also the way you get treated like you’ve always been a part of this work family from day one.

Luke Agent pic.jpg


What Can You Do With Our LSI App?

Have you heard about our Leland Smith Insurance app, and are wondering what the heck you can do with it? Well look no further! Our user-friendly app can do multiple things, and we’ve compiled a list right here:

  1. Start a claim either by phone, through a quick online form, or with accident services
  2. Request a quote on commercial, home, auto, life, or health insurance
  3. Make your insurance payment
  4. Securely store your auto ID cards and account information
  5. Dial accident support
  6. Refer a friend
  7. Request policy and certificate information
  8. Get directions to our office
  9. Plug in your favorite repair shop
  10. Add your roadside assistance company
  11. Lookup nearby hotels, gas stations, towing services and taxis
  12. Keep a running inventory of your household items
  13. Add accident history
  14. Hold a contact list of all LSI agents and supporting insurance companies
  15. Direct links to our Facebook, website, and blog
  16. Lookup your medical provider

As you can see, this app can do a heck of a lot in making insurance much more convenient for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Search “Leland Smith Insurance” in the Appstore and download to your iPhone or Android for FREE. Seriously. It’s free and user-friendly. Give it a try! IMG_1754.PNG

We Would Love Your Feedback!

Are you a new, happy client of Leland Smith Insurance Services? Or perhaps you are a long-time, satisfied customer of the Leland Smith Insurance family? If you fit either of these categories, we would very much appreciate your feedback and reviews of our business! A rating and statement on our Yelp or Facebook page would be of tremendous help. We are proud of the personal service we are able to provide each of our customers, and would love if you could take a moment out of your day to review us on one of our media platforms. For quick and easy access to these sites, we have provided the links to our Facebook and Yelp pages below. We would not be a business without YOU, and would enjoy hearing about your personal experience in working with our insurance agency. From all of us, thank you so much in advance! 


There’s An App For That

Need to make your insurance payment, but can’t make it to our office before the deadline? There’s an app for that. What about accident support, which automatically dials 911 at the touch of a button? There’s an app for that too. How about something that securely keeps all your important insurance information and contacts at the touch of a button? The answer is that there is an app for all of that, the new Leland Smith Insurance app to be exact!

Yep, you heard us right. LSI has launched a new, free app for you to download to your phone right now. You can customize this application to your policy information, including the addition of ID cards. Each app will also list the contact information for all agents and LSI branches. That way, all the insurance information you need is kept literally at your fingertips.  Search “Leland Smith” in the app store and download to your smart phone now!