9 Life Changes You Should Let your Insurance Agent Know About

When some of life’s biggest moments happen, we often forget to keep our insurance agent in the loop. But it’s important to do so, that way they can ensure you are properly covered in any situation. Here are 9 life changes you should tell your insurance agent:

  1. Buying a new home, renting, or remodeling your current place. Even if you aren’t moving, your agent may need to update your existing policy to match the updates you conduct on your home.
  2. Purchasing a new car. 
  3. Change in job position. Woohoo, you just received a promotion and with that a pay raise! This is helpful for your agent to know, as that means you may likely need more life insurance coverage.
  4. After marriage or divorce 
  5. Adding a security alarm to your home. Remember the previous post about discounts to your home owners insurance? Installing a security alarm may make you eligible for a discount on your policy. It can’t hurt to ask your agent!
  6. Expecting or adopting a baby. 
  7. When said baby is heading off to college. 
  8. Becoming a business owner. 
  9. If your identity was stolen. Your agent will be able to assist you in getting an identity theft protection policy, and will also answer any questions you have as you recover your stolen accounts.

Not sure if a particular life change needs to be communicated to your insurance agent? It can never hurt to double check! LSI is happy to answer any questions in regards to this. Give us a call during our regular business hours, M-F 8:30-5pm!

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