Did you know that annually reviewing your insurance policies might reveal discounts?


Reviewing your insurance policies on a yearly basis ensures you have adequate coverage for any situation or recent changes (i.e. new drivers, purchasing a new home). But did you know that doing so can also help make sure you are taking full advantage of available discounts? Check out some potential savings and discounts to be on the look out for:

  • Multi-vehicle discount: Your auto insurance policy may offer savings when you insure one or more vehicles under the same policy
  • Driver training program discounts: If you have a teenager or senior driver under your policy, they may be eligible to receive discounts by completing driver programs or courses.
  • Good Student Discount: You might save on your auto policy if you have a student driver who meets a specific grade point average or driving record qualification.
  • Low mileage: If you drive fewer miles, you might be able to save on your car insurance.
  • New home loan discount: Did you purchase a new home recently? Your homeowners insurance premium might be reduced in the first year if you get a mortgage.
  • Home protection discount: Live in a gated community or maybe your house is properly equipped with protection systems such as fire and/or theft? You may be qualified for a discount.
  • It isn’t just home and auto insurance policy reviews that can reveal savings–don’t forget that reviewing your life insurance policies can also help you discover some discounts you didn’t know existed!

Not sure if any of your policies offer discounts like the above? Give our office a call any time M-F 8:30-5pm. One of our insurance agents would be happy to help you review your policies!

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