Effective Ways to De-Ice your Driveway this Winter

Salt can de-ice your driveway

We’ve been fairly lucky with a mild winter so far. But this is Ohio and that can turn at any moment. We are only in January, after all! Here are some effective things you can do to prevent your driveway from becoming a skating rink during the next storm.

  1. Rock salt is the most common product to help de-ice your driveway and sidewalks. Although it’s cheap and easily available at stores, it has chemicals that are dangerous for pets. If you have a dog or an outdoor cat that regularly walks along the driveway, perhaps consider an alternative product.
  2. Sand, or even cat litter, can be safer and just as effective at de-icing your sidewalks and driveways. Try this if you want to avoid using rock salt.
  3. If you are in the process of constructing a new home or repaving your driveway, consider adding heat mats before pouring a new driveway.
  4. Of course one of the best options is to regularly shovel and/or plow sidewalks and driveways to avoid the accumulation of ice. Although it can be a pain, it is a tried and true method for keeping slick pavements at bay. Plus, it gets you outside for some fresh air (even if it is cold).

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