How to Survive Holiday Travel


With the Thanksgiving holiday only a week away, we thought it’d be great to share some tips to help you survive the craziness that comes with traveling for the holidays.

  1. Don’t travel during peak times. This one may seem obvious, but if you can avoid travel the day before Thanksgiving or a few days before Christmas, those are the busiest on the road and in airports. If you can’t avoid this, make sure you account for more driving time on the road. If you are flying, pack some extra reading or listening material to keep you entertained should your flight delay.
  2. Have an emergency road kit in your car. This is especially important when you have to plan for snow during travel. Things like bottled water, extra seasonal gear, a flashlight, granola bars, and blankets are some items that can make a huge difference should you get stuck in bad weather. For a more extensive list, check out this link.
  3. Bring things to entertain the kids (and yourself). We all know long car rides and layovers at the airport are tiresome. If you have a DVD player in your car, bring movies that will keep kids entertained, or let them play games on a tablet with each other. If you’re driving solo, have your favorite playlist or podcasts downloaded and ready to go.
  4. Pack plenty of drinks and food for both road and air travel. Rather than having to make a lot of pit stops while on the road, plan ahead and pack some easy snacks/sandwiches that you or your family can enjoy. While you can’t bring any liquids through airport security, you can pack an empty water bottle to refill once through security; they also accept most snacks, which can save you from spending an arm and a leg on airport food.

There you have it! While travel at this time of year can be stressful, being prepared and planning ahead can always help. Safe travels!

For more tips, check out this link.

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