Sharing the Road During Harvest Season

Image result for farm vehicle on road

Earlier this week we mentioned harvest season and being patient if you get behind a tractor. Here are some more tips to keep all parties safe as you share the road. Though these are important to always keep in mind, they are especially important when you are more likely to encounter farm equipment on roads you don’t expect.

  1. Slower speeds mean drivers will be more tempted to pass a farm machine. If you do, make sure you can safely judge passing distance and double check there are no oncoming vehicles. Also be on the lookout for driveways into fields that the tractor operator may need to change road position for. Of course, only pass in legally marked zones and don’t do so recklessly.
  2. Watch for yellow and black road signs with a symbol of a tractor. These will be within 500 feet of an intersection to alert drivers of a farm drive with an obstructed view.
  3. Check for turn signals on a farm implement, or watch for the operator to hand signal when lights are not present.
  4. Farm implements may be traveling on roads where they are normally not expected For example, farmers may use local streets or highways to transport grain to storage facilities.
  5. And of course, always keep a safe distance back if you find yourself driving behind a tractor. The farm vehicle operator may not be able to see around the equipment, so don’t assume they know you are approaching. Similar to semi-trucks, many use large extended mirrors. When a driver follows too closely, the vehicle isn’t visible to the operator.

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