Meet Kyle Strawn: Agent Spotlight

Next up on our agent spotlight is Kyle Strawn, insurance agent in our Delphos branch at Hickey-Morris. We hope you enjoy getting to know him!

Tell us a little about yourself, family and hobbies

KS: I am originally from Van Wert. My parents, myself and two siblings moved to Lima when I was in 7th grade, which then led to me graduating from Shawnee High School. From there, I went onto go to college at Adrian College, where I received my degree in business management and played baseball for four years. In August 2017 I married my now wife, Lindsay Wicker, who is also from Van Wert. We are expecting a little baby girl summer of 2018! Most of my hobbies include involvement in sports. I grew up with sports in my life and I love being around them. Whether it’s coaching youth/high school baseball, or it’s a pick-up basketball game, sports are one of my favorite things to do.  My wife and I are very family oriented. We spend a lot of our free time with our families.

How long have you been in the insurance business?

KS: I have been in the insurance industry for five and a half years. I started right out of college in 2012 with Auto-Owners insurance. I started in commercial lines underwriting and then took a transfer to the home office in Lansing MI, and then took a job as a marketing rep in Toledo. I joined Hickey-Morris Insurance and the Leland Smith group in September of 2016, and have been here ever since.At Hickey Morris Ins. I handle personal lines, commercial lines, life, and flood insurance.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working in this field?

KS: The thing I enjoy the most in this business is helping people become whole again. Insurance is something that everybody pays for, in hopes that we never have to use it. In the event that we do have to use it, I like the fact, that we as agents, with the backing of the companies, are able to put people back together in a time they need it the most. In the time of a loss, agents are the first phone call that is made. Whether it’s an auto accident, house fire, etc., we are going to be the ones to get the call for help. When someone needs us most, we are there to help.

Is there one thing you wish others could understand about insurance?

KS: I wish that people would understand the true value of using an independent agent. In a quickly changing world, there are a lot of avenues to receive your insurance. Many think the best option is to jump online, find the cheapest policy out there, and go with that. The cheapest option is not always the best. As an independent agent, we can offer expertise in the field. We can make sure you have the correct coverage at the right price. In the event of a loss, we are able to understand what should be covered and what shouldn’t, and also intervene when needed. That service is not provided through some of the other sources.

What do you enjoy most about working at LSI?

KS: The thing I like the most about being a part of this agency is the family atmosphere. It’s a small town, family-run agency that treats its employees like family. I love the involvement in the community. It’s great to walk around town and see how much our agency is able to give back.

Thanks for all you do for us at LSI, Kyle. We are so glad to have you on our team!

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